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The simpler things in life….

These days we have made it difficult on ourselves to find the simple things in life. We have complicated our lives to the extent that we have forgotten how easy it is to make ourselves happy. The bottom line is that times are tough, life will get harder before it gets easier and we should concentrate on finding simple things to make us happy.

Obviously I would say that our kosher beef jerky is part of the simpler things in life, but we have been told so on several occasions. We have been told that the simple fact that we make a quality product that is so easily accessible has made people happy. This summer alone, people have emailed us saying how much their camping trip to Yosemite and places the like was that much more enjoyable having our kosher beef jerky there for sustenance. I mean how many granola bars and fruit roll ups can you eat already? Our kosher beef jerky gives people the freedom to outdoorsy things and not have to worry about when they will be able to get some protein and energy to trek through the day, hence the simpler things in life. It doesn’t get any simpler than camping and hiking, in my book anyway.

Some people get to a point and don’t know what to do with themselves. They have bought everything they ever wanted and are still not content with themselves. This is because there are two things in life that don’t cost anything and they are love and happiness, anyone that disagrees with me is in denial. Again finding love and happiness is not an easy task, but it shouldn’t cost anything. Our kosher beef jerky can help because people love it and it makes them happy…BAM!!

I, myself are on a quest for love and happiness and I know it’s not easy. And as we get older and wiser, we also become more stubborn and picky. I have fought this, but I am now coming to terms with it and trying to change. Life is hard enough, so why make it harder? And that’s why we make such a quality product at R.J.’s because we love what we do and it makes us happy. Whenever we hear that someone enjoys or products, it makes work harder to come up with something new and fresh for our fans. Especially when people say how much better our products are than our competitor, it makes all our hard work seem like no work at all!

We all know that the meaning of life isn’t a blanket statement, nor is it a one size fit all. It’s personal to each to and every person. Everyone’s life has a different meaning as well as a different purpose. But the aspect of it that is one size fits all is find what makes you happy and run with it. For some it will be a significant other and for some it will a career of some sort, to each his or her own.

I wish we could say that our jerky will make everybody happy and content with their lives, but that’t not possible. It works for some, but definitely not all. But whenever we hear that we made someone happy knowing that R.J.’s is around, we have done our part is making someone happy, even if it was just for a little while.

Keep Smiling!!



Why Kosher Beef Jerky??

The question should be, why not kosher beef jerky. Being that most people are in shred mode and constantly looking for healthy alternatives, you can’t go wrong with kosher beef jerky!

I know that for the health freaks, the word beef would make them lose their appetite, but you need protein. Granted there are other ways to get your daily dose of protein, but I’d rather have some jerky. I don’t know how people scarf down those pasty chalky protein shakes, muscle milk is all about I can stomach. Why waster your time scouring the city for protein supplements when all you have to do is grab a bag of delicious jerky.

Some people equate beef jerky to fast food, and that’s not the case! You can’t just use any type of beef for beef jerky…well I guess you could, but the consumer would pick that up just at the site of the package. We only use the choicest cut meats for our kosher beef jerky. As I have said before, we take beef jerky very seriously. Before anything is packaged, the jerky is combed through with a fine tooth comb. If there happen to be any pieces with any fat or sinew….they don’t make the cut!

The obvious reason why it’s better is because kosher meat is held to higher standard than non kosher. You have never heard of any recalls on kosher meat. Once the cow is slaughtered, if there happen to be marks on any of the organs, it does not make the cut… literally. That alone is reason enough to chose kosher over non kosher.

I’m not telling you eat beef jerky all day everyday, but if you happen part of the elite club of jerky lovers, then kosher is the way to go…hands down! You can substitute some jerky instead of a shake once in a while, I promise nothing will happen to you.