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Kosher Beef Jerky is What’s IN Today

People today are always looking for a healthy and nutritious alternative and KOSHER BEEF JERKY is the answer!

In today’s world people are constantly running around and looking for something quick to eat. Most of time the thought of eating something healthy is pushed to the side to save time, that’s why McDonald’s and Burger King are thriving because it’s quick, cheap and you only regret eating it hours later. There is no regret after eating some of R.J.’s KOSHER BEEF JERKY!

Our KOSHER BEEF JERKY is a perfect snack and can even be a meal supplement. Our jerky is packed with protein packed and flavorful, it can no doubt hold you over until your next meal.

There is a misconception that beef jerky is unhealthy. Being that everyone is saying how bad red meat is for you, but beef jerky is different! We make sure you only use the choicest beef and we trim the fat before and after the drying process. And above all, the meat is glatt kosher which makes it even healthier!

Now a days people know what kosher is and realize that it is a healthier choice. For meat to be deemed kosher the animal cannot have any abrasions on any of its organs, otherwise it is not glatt kosher! We only use glatt kosher meat for our KOSHER BEEF JERKY. The first thing people comment on is the price because KOSHER BEEF JERKY is relatively more expensive, but once they try it they taste the difference.

We try to keep our jerky as natural as possible because these days everybody is into natural and organic. We don’t use any preservatives in our jerky and since we are constantly manufacturing jerky, nothing is ever more than a few weeks old. We really try to hold to higher standard because there are soo many beef jerky companies out there, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything. One os the biggest things we have going for us is that we are a small family owned and operated company that puts out a quality gourmet product. Our product may be more expensive than the next guys, but we are trying to attract the clientele that appreciates the use of quality(sometimes more expensive) ingredients to make a quality product!

What’s really in today is being fit and health conscience. Ask any trainer or dietitian and they will tell you that key to being healthy and slim is eating several small meals a day as opposed to the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. We know you can’t eat KOSHER BEEF JERKY for breakfast, but we are soon coming out with a line of organically and naturally dried fruit which can be eaten alone or put in oatmeal for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. And you can have a package of jerky for one of the small meals you have throughout the day, especially after a work out. Maybe we should start the R.J.’s Kosher Beef Jerky diet, kind of like Jared’s Subway diet, but kosher!!

Do what makes you happy and you’ll be happy!!



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