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Monthly Archives: May 2012

The health benefits of eating Kosher Beef Jerky

At first glance some of you might think that the fact that there are health benefits to eating KOSHER BEEF JERKY is a joke, but it’s not. Even though KOSHER BEEF JERKY is made from red meat, there are still some health benefits.

I will write briefly on some of the disadvantages of eating kosher beef jerky, but take into account the fact that you would have to eat kosher beef jerky all day every day to feel any of it’s disadvantages. Like most foods, aside from lettuce, kosher beef jerky should be eaten in moderation.

The obvious disadvantage is that kosher beef jerky is made from red meat and the consumption of too much red meat is not good for you(that’s why we also make turkey and salmon jerky). Some people think that since there is vitamin e in red meat that it is healthy, but in actuality, if you consume too much vitamin e the benefits can become the disadvantages! What detours me the most from eating a bug juicy steak is that it takes almost two weeks to digest it.

Some people are scared to eat kosher beef jerky because of the sodium content. Kosher beef already being salty and on top of that most kosher beef jerky marinades have salt in them as well. We at RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky, soak the meat before we do anything to get as much salt our of the meat as possible and always use low sodium ingredients to keep the sodium content low.

Another concern when it comes to kosher beef jerky is saturated fat. Most products are known to have 3.1g of saturated fat per 1 oz of beef, but not us! We make sure to trim as much fat off before we dry the jerky and once it’s done we then go head and cut off whatever is left. Doing this attributes to our non existent saturated fat content.

These days everyone is on a natural organic diet. They’re either shopping at Whole Foods, Erewhon or Trader Joe’s for the best in organic and natural products. So naturally, the idea of eating preservatives has become an issue. Most commercial beef jerky manufacturers use preservatives in their products, RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky does not! We try to keep our products are natural as possible, nobody wants to eat preservatives!

Now that I have given you the bad news, on to the good news. Most people would not believe that there are actual benefits to eating beef and/or beef jerky.

I know I said before that vitamin K is not as good for you as you think, but in moderation it’s actually good for you! Kosher beef jerky contains other essential vitamins as well. There are large volumes of zinc and iron that are found in beef jerky as well as phosphorus. There are also other minerals such as magnesium, copper and potassium. Unfortunately, our bodies are not manufacturing plants that can automatically produce minerals, so eating kosher beef jerky is a great way to get these important mineral into your system. Minerals are very important for your bodies metabolic function. These minerals are in smaller proportions, but still play a role in mineral health. These are just some of the minerals found in kosher beef jerky, now, onto the vitamins!

When we were growing up no one thought to eat kosher beef jerky instead of taking Flintstones vitamins, and with good reason. Obviously beef jerky is not the answer to your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, but if you were to eat kosher beef jerky as a meal supplement it would actually be good for you. Most of us don’t wake up in morning and take vitamins, nor do we eat what we are supposed for our daily amount of vitamins. And I don’t know about you, but vegetable juices and like are not something I look forward to or even would want to drink on a daily basis. Even though today’s craze just so happens to be organic juices with things like beets and kale in them, this blogger could do without it! I seemed to have strayed from the point as I sometimes do, so back to vitamins. Just to name a few of the vitamins that are in beef jerky, B-6, B-12, folic acid and riboflavin. Again, most of use don’t take vitamins or even drink that daily suggested amount of water, but eating something like kosher beef jerky and get these essential vitamins into your body. Imagine you could eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut that was packed with vitamins and minerals, well you can’t, but you can eat beef jerky! After you’ve eaten some delicious beef jerky, you have actually helped your body with digestion, respiration and tissue growth…imagine that!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, kosher beef jerky is an essential was for you to get the protein your body craves. There are nine amino acids  that are essential to your body. They are as follows: Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine and Histidine. The body cannot produce these amino acids on its own, so that’s where kosher beef jerky comes in, red meat is a great way for you to get these nine amino acids into your system. Obviously these need to be ingested in moderation.

Here are few benefits to eating red meat that even this carnivore didn’t know!

Eating red meat and/or beef jerky has made us smarter…BAM!….There, I said it! If our ancestors didn’t eat red meat, our brains would most likely be 25% smaller! The fats and proteins that are in red meat has helped our intellect grow throughout time. So, to all the people that are against red meat and G-d knows what else, without beef you would most likely still be dragging your knuckles.

It is no secret that eating healthy foods as well as organic foods is the key to a long life. We don’t realize it, but we eat so much processed food these days. Even the milk we drink is commercialized. If you searched around world and traveled to the areas where people lived the longest, you would find them eating truly organic products. The milk especially and wait for it….red meat!

Ask any doctor, a glass of red wine and a little red meat does wonders for the heart. Did you think they were telling you this for their health? There are minerals in red meat that are directly linked to good heart condition.

Most things in life need to be done in moderation. This doesn’t just pertain to eating, it pertains to living as well! If you push yourself into the red all day everyday, eventually you’ll blow up! Our bodies are like vintage automobiles, if you take care of a vintage car it will last longer than you ever imagined.

Give your bodies a chance to live, go to the gym and eat healthy, don’t stuff yourself with garbage, eat things that are packed with vitamins and minerals, RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky.