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Monthly Archives: April 2012

The trials and tribulations that is Kosher beef jerky….

When people think of beef jerky their mind automatically takes them to a 7-11 or gas station and right to the slim jim’s and jack links. Most people don’t know how hard the process was to get to where you have your product on sale somewhere. The fact that you can go into any store in the country and find some kind of beef jerky is due to all the hard work that someone put in many years ago to perfect his or her product. I am probably making it sound more dramatic than it actually is, but I know for us making kosher beef jerky was no walk in the park!

One of the first things that comes to mind with kosher beef jerky is the fact that it’s not as cheap as non kosher beef jerky. Most of the world knows that kosher meat is more expensive, actually most kosher items period are more expensive. There is a lot more than goes into making kosher products than does non kosher. There are kosher certifying agencies that need to be brought to clean and oversee any and all production of any products that will be under their certification. That alone adds on at least 25 to 30% to the cost of the product. Manufacturing kosher products is no walk in the park….it’s definitely not for the faint of heart!

When we tell people that we manufacture kosher beef jerky, usually the first comment out of their mouth is, “why, do you have nothing else to do?”. And that is because making kosher beef jerky is a long arduous process.

The hardest part is getting the recipes right, without that you have nothing. The flavors like original, spicy and teriyaki aren’t are easier to come up with, but we have flavors like sesame, orange and hickory smoked which are a little more difficult. I personally didn’t think that the recipe for hickory smoked would be as difficult as it was, but it was! Too much and the beef turned to cardboard and too little and the beef wouldn’t cook right. I am not going to go into too much detail, because these are out trade secrets….taste our products and you’ll know!!

Take kosher meat for instance, it is double the price of non kosher meat. One of the biggest concerns in making kosher beef jerky is that you lose almost have the meat during the dehydrating process. So not only are you searching around for cheapest prices for all your ingredients, you need to take into account that from 10 pounds of beef, you are getting 6 out, if you’re lucky! That’s probably why everyone thinks we’re crazy when we say we make kosher beef jerky.

As any beef jerky lover knows, one of the main ingredients, aside from the beef, is soy sauce. By nature, kosher meat is quite salty and on of the big concerns with kosher beef jerky is sodium. Before we do anything to the beef, we soak it to try and get as much salt out as possible. We then only use low sodium soy sauce to keep the sodium count as low as possible. After all is said and done, the main reasons that attribute to a pricey product is the kosher meat and the meat lost during the cooking process.

But when your product is so well received like ours, it makes all long hours and hard work worth it. When the people who thought that you were crazy for doing what you do actually taste the jerky and like it, they retract their previous comments!

The bottom line in, you reap what you sow! When you put your heart into anything, good things will come!