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Kosher Beef Jerky

The simpler things in life….

These days we have made it difficult on ourselves to find the simple things in life. We have complicated our lives to the extent that we have forgotten how easy it is to make ourselves happy. The bottom line is that times are tough, life will get harder before it gets easier and we should concentrate on finding simple things to make us happy.

Obviously I would say that our kosher beef jerky is part of the simpler things in life, but we have been told so on several occasions. We have been told that the simple fact that we make a quality product that is so easily accessible has made people happy. This summer alone, people have emailed us saying how much their camping trip to Yosemite and places the like was that much more enjoyable having our kosher beef jerky there for sustenance. I mean how many granola bars and fruit roll ups can you eat already? Our kosher beef jerky gives people the freedom to outdoorsy things and not have to worry about when they will be able to get some protein and energy to trek through the day, hence the simpler things in life. It doesn’t get any simpler than camping and hiking, in my book anyway.

Some people get to a point and don’t know what to do with themselves. They have bought everything they ever wanted and are still not content with themselves. This is because there are two things in life that don’t cost anything and they are love and happiness, anyone that disagrees with me is in denial. Again finding love and happiness is not an easy task, but it shouldn’t cost anything. Our kosher beef jerky can help because people love it and it makes them happy…BAM!!

I, myself are on a quest for love and happiness and I know it’s not easy. And as we get older and wiser, we also become more stubborn and picky. I have fought this, but I am now coming to terms with it and trying to change. Life is hard enough, so why make it harder? And that’s why we make such a quality product at R.J.’s because we love what we do and it makes us happy. Whenever we hear that someone enjoys or products, it makes work harder to come up with something new and fresh for our fans. Especially when people say how much better our products are than our competitor, it makes all our hard work seem like no work at all!

We all know that the meaning of life isn’t a blanket statement, nor is it a one size fit all. It’s personal to each to and every person. Everyone’s life has a different meaning as well as a different purpose. But the aspect of it that is one size fits all is find what makes you happy and run with it. For some it will be a significant other and for some it will a career of some sort, to each his or her own.

I wish we could say that our jerky will make everybody happy and content with their lives, but that’t not possible. It works for some, but definitely not all. But whenever we hear that we made someone happy knowing that R.J.’s is around, we have done our part is making someone happy, even if it was just for a little while.

Keep Smiling!!



Why Kosher Beef Jerky??

The question should be, why not kosher beef jerky. Being that most people are in shred mode and constantly looking for healthy alternatives, you can’t go wrong with kosher beef jerky!

I know that for the health freaks, the word beef would make them lose their appetite, but you need protein. Granted there are other ways to get your daily dose of protein, but I’d rather have some jerky. I don’t know how people scarf down those pasty chalky protein shakes, muscle milk is all about I can stomach. Why waster your time scouring the city for protein supplements when all you have to do is grab a bag of delicious jerky.

Some people equate beef jerky to fast food, and that’s not the case! You can’t just use any type of beef for beef jerky…well I guess you could, but the consumer would pick that up just at the site of the package. We only use the choicest cut meats for our kosher beef jerky. As I have said before, we take beef jerky very seriously. Before anything is packaged, the jerky is combed through with a fine tooth comb. If there happen to be any pieces with any fat or sinew….they don’t make the cut!

The obvious reason why it’s better is because kosher meat is held to higher standard than non kosher. You have never heard of any recalls on kosher meat. Once the cow is slaughtered, if there happen to be marks on any of the organs, it does not make the cut… literally. That alone is reason enough to chose kosher over non kosher.

I’m not telling you eat beef jerky all day everyday, but if you happen part of the elite club of jerky lovers, then kosher is the way to go…hands down! You can substitute some jerky instead of a shake once in a while, I promise nothing will happen to you.


The health benefits of eating Kosher Beef Jerky

At first glance some of you might think that the fact that there are health benefits to eating KOSHER BEEF JERKY is a joke, but it’s not. Even though KOSHER BEEF JERKY is made from red meat, there are still some health benefits.

I will write briefly on some of the disadvantages of eating kosher beef jerky, but take into account the fact that you would have to eat kosher beef jerky all day every day to feel any of it’s disadvantages. Like most foods, aside from lettuce, kosher beef jerky should be eaten in moderation.

The obvious disadvantage is that kosher beef jerky is made from red meat and the consumption of too much red meat is not good for you(that’s why we also make turkey and salmon jerky). Some people think that since there is vitamin e in red meat that it is healthy, but in actuality, if you consume too much vitamin e the benefits can become the disadvantages! What detours me the most from eating a bug juicy steak is that it takes almost two weeks to digest it.

Some people are scared to eat kosher beef jerky because of the sodium content. Kosher beef already being salty and on top of that most kosher beef jerky marinades have salt in them as well. We at RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky, soak the meat before we do anything to get as much salt our of the meat as possible and always use low sodium ingredients to keep the sodium content low.

Another concern when it comes to kosher beef jerky is saturated fat. Most products are known to have 3.1g of saturated fat per 1 oz of beef, but not us! We make sure to trim as much fat off before we dry the jerky and once it’s done we then go head and cut off whatever is left. Doing this attributes to our non existent saturated fat content.

These days everyone is on a natural organic diet. They’re either shopping at Whole Foods, Erewhon or Trader Joe’s for the best in organic and natural products. So naturally, the idea of eating preservatives has become an issue. Most commercial beef jerky manufacturers use preservatives in their products, RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky does not! We try to keep our products are natural as possible, nobody wants to eat preservatives!

Now that I have given you the bad news, on to the good news. Most people would not believe that there are actual benefits to eating beef and/or beef jerky.

I know I said before that vitamin K is not as good for you as you think, but in moderation it’s actually good for you! Kosher beef jerky contains other essential vitamins as well. There are large volumes of zinc and iron that are found in beef jerky as well as phosphorus. There are also other minerals such as magnesium, copper and potassium. Unfortunately, our bodies are not manufacturing plants that can automatically produce minerals, so eating kosher beef jerky is a great way to get these important mineral into your system. Minerals are very important for your bodies metabolic function. These minerals are in smaller proportions, but still play a role in mineral health. These are just some of the minerals found in kosher beef jerky, now, onto the vitamins!

When we were growing up no one thought to eat kosher beef jerky instead of taking Flintstones vitamins, and with good reason. Obviously beef jerky is not the answer to your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, but if you were to eat kosher beef jerky as a meal supplement it would actually be good for you. Most of us don’t wake up in morning and take vitamins, nor do we eat what we are supposed for our daily amount of vitamins. And I don’t know about you, but vegetable juices and like are not something I look forward to or even would want to drink on a daily basis. Even though today’s craze just so happens to be organic juices with things like beets and kale in them, this blogger could do without it! I seemed to have strayed from the point as I sometimes do, so back to vitamins. Just to name a few of the vitamins that are in beef jerky, B-6, B-12, folic acid and riboflavin. Again, most of use don’t take vitamins or even drink that daily suggested amount of water, but eating something like kosher beef jerky and get these essential vitamins into your body. Imagine you could eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut that was packed with vitamins and minerals, well you can’t, but you can eat beef jerky! After you’ve eaten some delicious beef jerky, you have actually helped your body with digestion, respiration and tissue growth…imagine that!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, kosher beef jerky is an essential was for you to get the protein your body craves. There are nine amino acids  that are essential to your body. They are as follows: Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine and Histidine. The body cannot produce these amino acids on its own, so that’s where kosher beef jerky comes in, red meat is a great way for you to get these nine amino acids into your system. Obviously these need to be ingested in moderation.

Here are few benefits to eating red meat that even this carnivore didn’t know!

Eating red meat and/or beef jerky has made us smarter…BAM!….There, I said it! If our ancestors didn’t eat red meat, our brains would most likely be 25% smaller! The fats and proteins that are in red meat has helped our intellect grow throughout time. So, to all the people that are against red meat and G-d knows what else, without beef you would most likely still be dragging your knuckles.

It is no secret that eating healthy foods as well as organic foods is the key to a long life. We don’t realize it, but we eat so much processed food these days. Even the milk we drink is commercialized. If you searched around world and traveled to the areas where people lived the longest, you would find them eating truly organic products. The milk especially and wait for it….red meat!

Ask any doctor, a glass of red wine and a little red meat does wonders for the heart. Did you think they were telling you this for their health? There are minerals in red meat that are directly linked to good heart condition.

Most things in life need to be done in moderation. This doesn’t just pertain to eating, it pertains to living as well! If you push yourself into the red all day everyday, eventually you’ll blow up! Our bodies are like vintage automobiles, if you take care of a vintage car it will last longer than you ever imagined.

Give your bodies a chance to live, go to the gym and eat healthy, don’t stuff yourself with garbage, eat things that are packed with vitamins and minerals, RJ’s Kosher Beef Jerky.







The trials and tribulations that is Kosher beef jerky….

When people think of beef jerky their mind automatically takes them to a 7-11 or gas station and right to the slim jim’s and jack links. Most people don’t know how hard the process was to get to where you have your product on sale somewhere. The fact that you can go into any store in the country and find some kind of beef jerky is due to all the hard work that someone put in many years ago to perfect his or her product. I am probably making it sound more dramatic than it actually is, but I know for us making kosher beef jerky was no walk in the park!

One of the first things that comes to mind with kosher beef jerky is the fact that it’s not as cheap as non kosher beef jerky. Most of the world knows that kosher meat is more expensive, actually most kosher items period are more expensive. There is a lot more than goes into making kosher products than does non kosher. There are kosher certifying agencies that need to be brought to clean and oversee any and all production of any products that will be under their certification. That alone adds on at least 25 to 30% to the cost of the product. Manufacturing kosher products is no walk in the park….it’s definitely not for the faint of heart!

When we tell people that we manufacture kosher beef jerky, usually the first comment out of their mouth is, “why, do you have nothing else to do?”. And that is because making kosher beef jerky is a long arduous process.

The hardest part is getting the recipes right, without that you have nothing. The flavors like original, spicy and teriyaki aren’t are easier to come up with, but we have flavors like sesame, orange and hickory smoked which are a little more difficult. I personally didn’t think that the recipe for hickory smoked would be as difficult as it was, but it was! Too much and the beef turned to cardboard and too little and the beef wouldn’t cook right. I am not going to go into too much detail, because these are out trade secrets….taste our products and you’ll know!!

Take kosher meat for instance, it is double the price of non kosher meat. One of the biggest concerns in making kosher beef jerky is that you lose almost have the meat during the dehydrating process. So not only are you searching around for cheapest prices for all your ingredients, you need to take into account that from 10 pounds of beef, you are getting 6 out, if you’re lucky! That’s probably why everyone thinks we’re crazy when we say we make kosher beef jerky.

As any beef jerky lover knows, one of the main ingredients, aside from the beef, is soy sauce. By nature, kosher meat is quite salty and on of the big concerns with kosher beef jerky is sodium. Before we do anything to the beef, we soak it to try and get as much salt out as possible. We then only use low sodium soy sauce to keep the sodium count as low as possible. After all is said and done, the main reasons that attribute to a pricey product is the kosher meat and the meat lost during the cooking process.

But when your product is so well received like ours, it makes all long hours and hard work worth it. When the people who thought that you were crazy for doing what you do actually taste the jerky and like it, they retract their previous comments!

The bottom line in, you reap what you sow! When you put your heart into anything, good things will come!


Kosher Beef Jerky is What’s IN Today

People today are always looking for a healthy and nutritious alternative and KOSHER BEEF JERKY is the answer!

In today’s world people are constantly running around and looking for something quick to eat. Most of time the thought of eating something healthy is pushed to the side to save time, that’s why McDonald’s and Burger King are thriving because it’s quick, cheap and you only regret eating it hours later. There is no regret after eating some of R.J.’s KOSHER BEEF JERKY!

Our KOSHER BEEF JERKY is a perfect snack and can even be a meal supplement. Our jerky is packed with protein packed and flavorful, it can no doubt hold you over until your next meal.

There is a misconception that beef jerky is unhealthy. Being that everyone is saying how bad red meat is for you, but beef jerky is different! We make sure you only use the choicest beef and we trim the fat before and after the drying process. And above all, the meat is glatt kosher which makes it even healthier!

Now a days people know what kosher is and realize that it is a healthier choice. For meat to be deemed kosher the animal cannot have any abrasions on any of its organs, otherwise it is not glatt kosher! We only use glatt kosher meat for our KOSHER BEEF JERKY. The first thing people comment on is the price because KOSHER BEEF JERKY is relatively more expensive, but once they try it they taste the difference.

We try to keep our jerky as natural as possible because these days everybody is into natural and organic. We don’t use any preservatives in our jerky and since we are constantly manufacturing jerky, nothing is ever more than a few weeks old. We really try to hold to higher standard because there are soo many beef jerky companies out there, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything. One os the biggest things we have going for us is that we are a small family owned and operated company that puts out a quality gourmet product. Our product may be more expensive than the next guys, but we are trying to attract the clientele that appreciates the use of quality(sometimes more expensive) ingredients to make a quality product!

What’s really in today is being fit and health conscience. Ask any trainer or dietitian and they will tell you that key to being healthy and slim is eating several small meals a day as opposed to the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. We know you can’t eat KOSHER BEEF JERKY for breakfast, but we are soon coming out with a line of organically and naturally dried fruit which can be eaten alone or put in oatmeal for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. And you can have a package of jerky for one of the small meals you have throughout the day, especially after a work out. Maybe we should start the R.J.’s Kosher Beef Jerky diet, kind of like Jared’s Subway diet, but kosher!!

Do what makes you happy and you’ll be happy!!



Turkey Jerky vs. Beef Jerky

This is an age old question, kind of like the fight between dark beer and light beer.

With people trying to healthier these days, turkey is a better way to go. By nature turkey is leaner and better for you. A lot of people these days are against eating so much red meat. So for those people there is the alternative, turkey jerky.

One of the main differences between turkey jerky and beef jerky is that the turkey jerky is drier. Fat is the first thing that is cooked off during the drying process. Since turkey has barely any fat, the meats gets drier and the drying process is shorter.

For hardcore jerky lovers, the only choice is beef! When the Indians started out with jerky, I don’t think there were many turkeys running around.

The upside to kosher beef jerky is that beef has more protein than turkey. Some say that it takes two weeks to digest beef, but when it is dehydrated you body can break it down a lot faster. Especially after a workout when you have to have 30 grams of protein and can’t stand those shakes, rip open a bag of kosher beef jerky. You will get your protein as well as a meal replacement.

By default people know more about beef jerky than turkey. Whenever people come into our store, they assume that there’s only beef jerky. When they find out we have jerky made from turkey and ground beef, they are shocked. For first time jerky people, I offer out jerky strips because it’s easier on the jaw. We have to ease them into the traditional jerky. Soon we will be making jerky strips from ground turkey.

At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. That’s why we at R.J.’s Kosher Beef Jerky make as many products as we do, you never know what the consumer wants. We make multiple products from multiple meats to make all jerky lovers happy!!

Gobble Gobble!!



Why you should choose KOSHER BEEF JERKY vs. non KOSHER BEEF JERKY?!

The obvious answer to that questions is because KOSHER BEEF JERKY is better than non KOSHER BEEF JERKY! Kosher beef is held to a higher standard and therefore healthier. There is a reason you can’t get a $.99 kosher hamburger!

There are two levels of kosher beef, glatt and non glatt. The differences between the two has to do with how many abrasions there on the intestines of the animal. Our KOSHER BEEF JERKY is strictly glatt kosher, which by definition means that it is better for you. It’s like the age old Hebrew National slogan…”We answer to a higher authority”.

Another answer is that we do not use any preservatives on our KOSHER BEEF JERKY. Most beef jerky manufacturers put all kinds of junk in their products, we don’t! So not only do use on the choicest cuts of meat, we don’t use any preservatives. We even go as far as to only use low sodium soy sauce to keep the sodium count low, since kosher meat is already heavily salted.

Another answer to this question is because we at R.J.’s KOSHER BEEF JERKY truly care about what goes into our products as well as how are products come out. We make sure that any fat or gristle that still remains after the cooking process is cut off before we package our jerky.We are hands on from start to finish…we actually make our own jerky!! And…we actually know and love what we do, we didn’t just get into the jerky game because we had nothing else do….we genuinely love to make KOSHER BEEF JERKY!!

I can sit here and tell you until I’m blue in the face why you should choose KOSHER BEEF JERKY over non KOSHER BEEF JERKY, but you won’t understand until you have tried it. Go to, order some and try the difference for yourself!